Going Green & Recycle Bins

At present, a healthier environment is sought after. Climate change and pollution that can cause illnesses prompt many to seriously participate in recycling and going green programs. In fact, a huge number of recycle bins have been positioned in houses and schools for more effective waste management.

Apart from recycling bins at home, there is also a huge number of recycling containers found on the streets such as housing estates and supermarkets. The containers distributed are emptied on a regular basis and brought to recycling centers. Moreover, there are also other institutions taking part in other countries. The local government, non-profit organizations, private companies and universities are participating in the process of recycling in the U.S. They have also positioned a huge number of recycle bins on public places all over the country.

Furthermore, recycling is turning used materials that eventually become waste to something more useful. The process of recycling is a good way to make the world a cleaner, greener and better place to live in. It has been proven that recycling conserves natural resources, decreases greenhouse gas emission, prevents pollution, saves energy and sustains the environment.

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Choosing Recycle Bins

Recycling bins come in various sizes suitable for inside or outside use and most recycle bins are marked with slogans and recycling logos to be easily recognized by people. Due to various usages, manufacturers have created new designs using different materials.
Indoor recycling bins found in lobbies, cafeteria or hotel rooms come in different designs. The most common type of container placed in lobbies is the allure garbage can. This is made of stainless steel which lasts longer due to low maintenance. It is stylish and suitable for hotel lobbies.

Another garbage receptacle is called Gal. Bullseye. It has a round hole in the lid for bottles and recycle cans which is perfect for the cafeteria or lunchroom. The last type is called rectangular swivel trash receptacle designed for guest rooms. It has an upscale look with a large capacity concealing all the waste.

On the other hand, outdoor recycling bins are also designed differently. The common type used for city streets and parks are classic and type 2 round permanent single waste enclosures. The classic type is a stylish and large container that holds up to 55 gallons of waste.
The other type is made of 97 percent recycled plastic with a solid bottom. It also has a lid lifting it from the ground and keeping waste off the ground. Another type called Howard Classics is used for building entrances. It is made of steel with adjustable leg levelers. It is leak-proof that allows proper waste disposal.

These are only a few of the recycling bins available in the market. Before purchasing any of them, it is essential to identify the number of streams to divide the waste. Two streams can mean the container is for beverage containers and waste. Three streams are for beverage containers, paper and waste. Carefully choose the appropriate number to know what type of recycle bins should be bought to save money and time. Thus, it will also prevent waste build up creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

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